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Aquarium Fish Care - What to Feed

Aquarium fish care is very important especially if you are planning on extending the lifespan of your fish.
The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about aquarium fish care is feeding.
One of the most important rules when it comes to feeding is not to overfeed.
Whatever food that's left uneaten will quickly pollute the water in the tank.
Make sure you only give enough food that your fish can finish in five minutes.
Most fish will be OK on a diet that consists primarily of dry flake food.
You don't have to buy the cheapest brand that you see.
Remember, quality is very important here.
There is a wide variety of flake foods to choose from and it's always best to buy several kinds, you don't want your fish to have the same food over and over again.
This will also ensure a more balanced diet for your fish.
Aquarium fish care is not that difficult, you just have to follow certain guidelines which are pretty simple.
If you own a larger fish or a catfish, pellet foods are your best options because they have more bulk.
Frozen dried foods are good for the kinds of fish that require a lot of protein.
When shopping for food, it's important to know that commercial foods have limited shelf life.
Always look for the manufactured date to be safe.
If we're talking about nutritional value, it's better if you will purchase in small containers.
While it's more economical to buy larger sizes, once you open the container, the nutritional value of the food will start to depreciate.
Did you know that in a matter of three to six months, only half of the original nutritional value remains? The only time that you would have to buy large-sized flake foods is if you have a lot of fish that will consume it in a few months.
For vegetarian fish, there are flake foods available that are specifically formulated to contain more vegetable minerals and less protein.
A lot of people put a small catfish in their tanks so that it can eat the excess food that falls to the bottom part of the tank.
Keep in mind though that your catfish needs the same quality and amount of nutrients as the rest of the fish in your tank.

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