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The Three Mistakes Of My Life By Chetan Bhagat

The readability is the best aspect that makes Chetan Bhagat popular. The world is full of people who do not have time to live even their normal lives, so when they get a chance to read a book which can be finished within two hours flat, they get excited. There are moments when he (Chetan Bhagat) does go slightly over the top, but then he also manages to hold the book together excellently. This ability was noticed even in Five Point Someone and One Night at the Call Centre. As a satire on the education system of India, the former book was just superb.

The Book Starts Convincingly

The book Three Mistakes of My Life also starts convincingly, just like his previous books, though the later part does not belong with the other two. The protagonists of the story are three youths who are still trying to build their lives in a small town of Gujarat. Govind has natural flair for business whereas Ishan loves cricket, and has failed to do much else in his life. They combine their interests and they decide to open a shop which deals in cricket goods. Omis family helps them and the business just takes off. Chetan Bhagat creates some really interesting situations and settings, just like his previous books.

Ishan Goes All Out For Ali

As the story goes forward, Ishan develops a liking for a local Muslim boy Ali who has an astonishing ability to hit every ball for a six due to his hyper reflex condition. The boy himself is not that interested in cricket but he is trained for free by Ishan and his friends. The three friends also take him to Sydney where he is offered a contract on the condition that he become an Australian citizen. The boy refuses saying he would rather play for India.

Over the Top towards the End

According to some critics, the novel becomes slightly over the top after this since the authors attempt to integrate all the disasters Gujarat has faced in the life of same characters time and again are slightly farfetched. The last chapter especially seems out of control for the writer, where the story takes the familiar Bollywood route (complete with an action filled climax). The violence that takes place in the temple does not resonate with the readers. We dont know till the end what makes the three youth fuss so much over the young kid Ali (to some extent we can understand but we would have loved it if some more explanations have been given). Overall the book The Three Mistakes of My Life is a good read, partly because it starts well. It gives us a realistic picture of small town India, due to its simplicity of characters and language.

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