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Add Calm and Color With a Saltwater Fish Tank

Few things bring a home or office to life as much as a saltwater fish tank.
A saltwater tank allows for a wide selection of colorful tropical fish.
Freshwater tanks may be slightly less expensive to start and maintain, but cannot match the brilliance of a saltwater tank.
Modern aquariums are not limited to boring rectangular boxes, many styles are available.
For someone shopping for a tank, or the freshwater tank owner looking to upgrade a saltwater aquarium can be a beautiful addition.
Though there are colorful freshwater fish available, they pale in comparison to the rainbow of vibrant colors available in saltwater fish.
From the orange and white striped clown fish straight out of "Finding Nemo" to the dazzling variety of butterfly fish available and many more that are equally colorful and exotic.
The color and beauty of a saltwater tank is not limited to fish.
Many tank owners prefer to add live coral to their tank creating a miniature reef in their home or office.
While a fully stocked reef tank can be quite an investment, there's no need for a saltwater tank to cost a fortune.
While it is true that freshwater tanks are less expensive to setup and maintain, the gap is not large.
A properly maintained saltwater fish tank does not have to cost much more than a freshwater tank.
The initial expense of tank setup can be offset by buying only necessary equipment at the start, and working up to more expensive items.
Though the most exotic of saltwater fish can be expensive, more common, but still beautiful, fish can be found for just a few dollars.
The only reason for a modern saltwater fish tank to be a standard rectangular design is if the tank owner desires it.
A wide variety of shapes and sizes are available to aquarium owners.
From the standard rectangle to custom designs tailor made to the space available.
Hexagon tanks are eye catching and popular.
Triangular shaped corner tanks minimize the space required, and look stunning.
If none of the available options suit the shopper, custom made aquariums are available, limited only by the imagination of the designer.
A saltwater fish tank not only provides a dazzling dash of color to a home or office, but can also improve the mood and anxiety level of the people viewing it.
Many doctor and dentist offices take advantage of the fact that the presence of an aquarium can help calm patients both young and old.

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