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How to Make My Own Craft Room

    • 1). Choose a room within your home for crafting. If you can't spare an entire room, designate half the office or another room for crafting. You can also transform large closets into project rooms.

    • 2). Paint the walls a color that inspires you to create. Select light purple if you love every shade of lavender or choose baby blue if this color calms you. Paint the entire room, even if the craft room is combined with an office or other room.

    • 3). Buy a sewing or crafting desk and place it directly up against a wall within your room or in the middle of the room. Choose a place that allows you to have the most freedom to move around. Placement can vary, depending on your floor plan.

    • 4). Install three or more shelves on the walls for each type of craft. Make sure the bottom shelf is at least four feet off the ground and don't place the top shelf any higher than six feet, unless you are very tall and don't mind having a few items high up. You need to be able to access all the items on each shelf easily. Make adjustments based on your height.

    • 5). Place all of your sewing items on one shelf and scrapbooking supplies on another shelf. You can place different items in various bins or jars. For instance, all of your flower embellishments can go in one jar while your buttons go in a different jar. If the shelf is full and you still have more items, you can either install another section of shelves on a different wall or place these items in a closet, dresser or cabinet. Just make sure to separate each item and label each bin so you know where everything is.

    • 6). Place paper holder trays directly underneath the lowest shelf on your wall. These trays hold cardstock paper for scrapbooking. You can also store cardstock in cabinets, desks and other places if you are not able to afford paper holder trays.

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