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Reasons Abortions Are a Social Stigma

Whenever the word abortion shoots up in the society, it is presumed to be an ultimate social stigma, and that it is one of the biggest sins that the mankind can commit.
After all, isn't is a life that you are taking out? Scientifically, a lot many of the debates stated by people do not stand out.
For many, abortion results into the death of an unborn baby, and the society should never have a soft corner for a woman who aborts her child.
Following may be reasons why abortions are considered to be serious social evils by many.
Death Literally speaking, abortion leads to the death of an unborn baby.
The social fraternity is never accustomed to accept death, no matter how it comes.
The killing of a child in the womb is presumably a horrific way of punishing the child for the paternal wrongs or the economical state of the parents.
Scientifically speaking, a baby isn't born until after twelve weeks after pregnancy so an aboriton during this time doesn't actually take a life.
Female foeticide With the increment in the number of abortions over the years, the dilemma of female foeticide has also soared dangerously.
The advent in sciences has now made the parents equipped enough to see whether their unborn child is a boy or a girl through sonographies etc.
Many of such pregnancies result into abortions if the child is a girl.
Aborting because of having a girl child of because of having a child of a specific gender should indeed be a punishable offence.
Social presumptions When the parents decide to for an abortion, the society impresses serious doubts over the legality of the child.
It is presumed that the pregnancy has resulted from an illegitimate relationship, and therefore the couple wants an abortion.
Teenage pregnancies In consonance with the above point, abortions, in most of the cases, are carried out by young teenage girls.
Teenage pregnancies are common in the contemporary societies, with concepts such as live-in relationships getting more popular than ever.
A young, unmarried pregnant girl is never ready to take up the responsibility of a baby, and thus, she is expected to abort the baby.
Proper precautions need to be taken to avoid such situations.
Aftermath of an abortion The aftermaths of an abortion can be lethal.
It results into huge social pressure on the mother, not to mention the guilt trip that she herself endures.
In the eyes of the society, she is considered to be a sinner, no matter what circumstances she was in while she went through the abortion.
This is the reason why abortion is a huge social stigma, especially in many traditional societies.

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