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Article Writing and Article Marketing - How to Write a Prospect-Pulling Resource Box

Article marketing is one of the best ways to market your business if you do it right.
In my experience, you make or break your article marketing efforts in the Resource Box.
Most writers are guilty of poor article marketing because they use the resource box as sort of a virtual "ego wall" in their office.
"John/Jill Jones earned the Ph.
D at Important University and is the author of several Important Books.
" Well, who cares? This is a slightly exaggerated example of a resource box that does not pass the who cares test.
Article Marketing with Your Resource Box - How to Pass the "Who Cares" Test There are three crucial steps to having a great resource box and passing the who cares test.
All three of these steps involve the links back to your website used in your resource box.
Link 1 - Your first line should be a real url, or what is called an absolute url, as in [http://www.
For instance, "Visit [http://www.
com] for more tips and tools for writing great articles" is a great opening for your resource box.
Link 2 - In link two and three you can use hyper-linked text.
Drive prospects to your site with a line that reads like this: Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter Link 3 - In link three you simply repeat what you did in link two and invite the reader to another important page in your website, which could be a product page.
I invite you to use these tips to increase the benefits of your article marketing.

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