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How to Bleed Lines in Baseboard Registers

    • 1). Turn on the thermostat to engage the heating system. Turn it up to to over 72 degrees Fahrenheit, to ensure the hot water will fully circulate throughout the home. Wait at least an hour before you do anything else. Most of the system's water will now have moved throughout the home's piping system, so little water will be in the boiler, at this time.

    • 2). Turn off thermostat. You want the water in the boiler to be in the system, but you do not want it under pressure or hot.

    • 3). Locate the boiler and main tank for the system. There should only be one tank, so it should be easily identifiable. Look for the bleed valve on the main tank. It looks like a normal hose valve. It should be located at the bottom of the tank. You will want to put a bucket under the bleed valve in case any water leaks out during the bleeding process.

    • 4). Take the crescent wrench and open the bleed valve by turning it to the left. Air and some water will come out of the valve. There may be a hissing sound coming from the bleed valve. This is air being bled from the system.

    • 5). Once a steady stream of water comes out of the bleed valve you should close it. This will indicate that all the air has been bleed out of the system. Turn on the thermostat to your desired temperature.

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