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Cambridge Soundworks Radio Display Problems

    Deactivated Alarm

    • If you turn the alarm off after it sounds and it fails to activate the following morning, you might be pushing the incorrect button. Pushing the "Alarm" button (located on the display) will silence and deactivate it. To silence an alarm and keep it active for the following morning, push the "Power" button.

    Display Freeze

    • If the display is frozen and doesn't respond to pushed buttons, perform a system reset. Unplug the Cambridge SoundWorks device from the wall or strip outlet, wait a few seconds and plug it back in.

    Dim Screen

    • The Cambridge SoundWorks display automatically dims and brightens depending on the current light in the room. This function is not manually adjustable. Bright lighting situations causes the display to brighten, whereas dim lighting situations cause the display to dim.

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