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7 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing - How to Improve Your Golf Game

With the internet and cable television there are hundreds of ways to improve your golf swing like never before.
Simply watching the Golf channel a few hours a week can drastically improve your entire golf game and improve your golf swing from the comfort of your couch.
The mental part of golf plays such a huge part in your game, but, in the end you are going to need to work on your golf mechanics.
I have come up with a list of 7 tips to improve your golf swing that you may want to use if you are looking for a way to improve your overall golf game.
I would recommend trying these tips at your local driving range and not on the course just yet.
You need to get the mechanics down before you wind up hitting the links and getting yourself even more frustrated.
  • 1.
    I have found that making a video of myself swing can do wonders in the quest to improve your golf swing.
    You can see yourself in an entirely different way and analyze what you are doing wrong.
    If a video is not possible, simple practice your swing in front of a large mirror over and over until you can identify the bad habits.
  • 2.
    Go to your local golf course and see if the local PGA pro offers golf lessons.
    Try to learn the correct mechanics to improve your golf swing from a professional if possible.
    This will move the process along much faster and have you breaking 80 in no time at all.
  • 3.
    One of the best tips I can give and new and old players are guilty of this, but simply, keep your head down.
    If you can condition yourself not to lift your head through the follow through you will do wonders in the effort to improve your golf swing.
  • 4.
    Find a second hand blade iron, these irons tend to have very small sweet spots which force you to hit the ball correctly.
    This club should be used to practice your swing over and over until you hit that spot on a regular basis.
    One of the greatest things about the blade type club is that if you hit the ball incorrectly, the club will immediately vibrate in your hands, letting you know you have done something wrong.
  • 5.
    One of the easiest and simplest tips I can give, is practice, practice and more practice.
    You can not expect to improve your golf swing by hitting the driving range once a month or by watching a few videos on golf techniques.
    You need to hit that range and practice, or go to the park, and drive that ball around, walk after it and drive it again, over and over.
  • 6.
    Here is a trick I learned recently, that is extremely powerful.
    Practice in slow motion.
    You can see the problem areas in more detail and the process of repeating the action over and over in slow motion will instill the golf swing mechanics into your muscular system.
    This trick has worked wonders when I show others how to improve your golf swing.
  • 7.
    Finally, on your next golf outing, take notes, mental notes if possible of the players in your group that have a great swing.
    Notice the techniques and mechanics they use and mimic them, or even ask them for a little help on the side to master the process.

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