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Lanzarote is the perfect island destination for that holiday in the sun and is ideal for self catering holidays with hundreds of lovely holiday villas to choose from.
But how do you choose which one? Firstly, you need to choose which resort you´d like to stay in.
There are 3 main resorts - Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca.
Each has its own character and attractions.
Puerto del Carmen is the largest and busiest resort with 6 kilometres of sandy beaches and a long promenade lined with many shops, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.
Costa Teguise is a little smaller and is a family resort with beaches, shopping centres, cafes and restaurants.
Playa Blanca is the newest resort and is a little bit more laid back and quieter with seafront cafes and restaurants, upmarket shops and a stunning new marina.
In addition there are typical whitewashed Canarian villages inland such as Tias and Nazaret, suitable for those who like a relaxing holiday away from it all.
Having chosen your place to stay, you now have to find a villa.
Most villas have private pools, so if you are coming to the island in winter, make sure the pool is heated, preferably electrically, as unheated pools will be rather cold.
Your main criteria will be your budget of course.
Villas in Puerto del Carmen with private pools tend to be a bit more expensive as most of them are 3 bedroom, behind the main strip and are therefore within walking distance of the beach and amenities.
Exclusive areas like Los Mojones can be quite expensive.
Costa Teguise has fewer villas and they tend to be a little bit less expensive.
By far the greatest choice of villas is in Playa Blanca where you can rent a 2 bedroom villa without a private pool for about £300 a week in the low season and about £600 a week in peak season for a villa with a private pool, and a 4 bedroom villa for up to £1300 a week in peak season.
Playa Blanca is quite a sprawling resort and generally speaking the closer you are to the resort centre and beaches, the higher the price you will pay.
With a lot of villas, a hire car will be necessary as a lot of the developments are on the outskirts of the resorts.
Prices for villas inland will be a bit cheaper and many offer spectacular views.
Knowing your budget and being clear on your priorities, you can now search for your villa.
By far the most popular way is on the internet by putting such phrases as "Villas in Lanzarote" and "Luxury Villas Lanzarote" into search engines.
There are also magazines like Private Villas available in most high street newsagents and in supermarkets.
You have the choice of buying a package or villa only from a large villa agent or renting direct from the owner through the many private rental websites.
Normally prices are cheaper renting a villa from a private owner, and often the standard of accommodation is higher, as the private owner has more incentive to please, wanting you to come back again next year.
Once you have maybe picked out a few villas you think may be suitable for you, don´t hesitate to ask questions about the villa and the area before deciding.
Good luck and have a happy holiday in Lanzarote!

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