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Medical Applications of Liquid Oxygen

Liquid oxygen, or LOX, is the liquid form of oxygen gas.
The liquid form of oxygen is extremely volatile and has had a variety of industrial applications.
It is obtained from the gas form of oxygen in the air by a process called fractional distillation.
It is moderately cryogenic and makes objects it comes into contact with very brittle.
It is also a very strong oxidizing agent and was used to support the rapid burning of fuels in rockets and aircraft.
It also has some medical applications.
The medical applications of liquid oxygen come from the fact that oxygen is vital to the human body for respiration.
The oxygen is transferred to blood cells inside the lungs and taken to every part of the human body where it is used at a cellular level.
This basic oxygen transfer process known as respiration or breathing is a life necessity.
Without oxygen, a person will die within a short period of time.
Oxygen therapy is used to increase the availability of oxygen to the lungs.
The oxygen is generally stored in a metal tank and administered through various methods depending on the condition of the patient.
Oxygen is used this way in medical emergencies also.
There is some risk in certain kinds of conditions and as a result some jurisdictions require medical approval for all use of oxygen as an emergency treatment.
The oxygen is administered with a simple nasal cannula which is a thin tube with two small nozzles that are inserted in the nose.
When a person is breathing with difficulty or not at all, a bag-valve-mask device is used that basically forces the oxygen into the lungs.
Liquid oxygen has been used to help in the manufacture of various products such as discount vitamin supplements.
These oxygen rich compounds are a way of getting additional oxygen to the body's cells by digestion rather than respiration.
They are ideal for athletes engaged in sports involving extreme exertion, or people working in high altitudes.
Another indication of the value of oxygen to the human body are oxygen rich spray products They are made from oxygen rich compounds also and have a number of applications when sprayed directly onto the skin.
The sprays relieve itching and the effect of insect bites.
They are useful for camping trips and outside activities.
The spray also promotes healing and is used on minor cuts and scratches.

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