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How to Secure Sheet Foam Insulation

    • 1). Dry fit the foam sheet. Place the foam sheet board on the wall where you plan to install it. If objects like pipes or vents come in contact with the sheet, take a pencil and mark where this occurs. Set the sheet on a table, and use a safety razor to cut the section of the foam sheet away.

    • 2). Place the foam sheet back on the wall to make sure it fits properly in place. If not, use the pencil to mark off additional material you must cut away.

    • 3). Lay the sheet on a table, and cut away the additional material with a safety razor.

    • 4). Refit the sheet one last time. Take down the sheet, and set it on a table with the inside facing down. Apply a continuous, 1/8-inch bead of adhesive to the back of the foam sheet using a caulking gun. Cover the entire sheet with a single bead that stretches from one end of the sheet to the other and cuts back across the sheet with a 1-inch space in between each bead line.

    • 5). Press the sheet onto the wall, and push it firmly into place at the top, middle and bottom of the sheet. Allow the adhesive to take hold before letting go. Give it at least 30 seconds to start forming a bond with the wall surface.

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