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Micro Niche Finder - Software For Serious Niche Marketing

If you are trying to develop your niche marketing skills and have hit a brick wall looking for markets to target, then you need to thank James Jones for inventing his Micro Niche Finder software.
And by the way, this is entirely documented from personal experience.
Your Problem: Manual Keyword Research.
Trying to find a niche market can be a daunting task, especially for beginners.
To begin with, you need to perform keyword research.
This in itself can turn into many false starts and endless hours online.
Although there may be affiliate marketers who enjoy this, I am just guessing there are many more who like keyword research as much as they like an afternoon in the dentist's chair.
If you don't want to pay, you may use the free online versions of Wordtracker, Google Keywords (which does not give search results in figures) or Nichebot Classic.
By the way, there is a reason these research tools are free, if you catch my drift.
Apart from the time spent looking for the elusive money-making "long tail keywords" with plenty of search results, you then need to find out if it is worth competing with others.
Yes, that means another type of research, scoping out the competition level.
Once you have accomplished this, and if you are using Google AdWords to advertise, you will need to find out how much your keyword is going to cost you.
The question then is, after all the time researching, is that wonderful keyword now going to cost you an ungodly amount to use in your AdWords campaign? Of course, if you have the money you can always pay Wordtracker $59 per month for its full service.
Or there is Nichebot ranging from $9.
95 to $20 per month.
These online tools also have a considerable learning curve before you start using them, so plan on watching instructional videos and reading tutorials before you can start researching.
Then there is Keyword Elite for a one time payment of $176, and also a learning curve.
What if there was something that could do all of this (and more) in less than 30 seconds and very user friendly? Your Problem Solved: Micro Niche Finder Software For a one time payment of just a little more than a month's service at Wordtracker, not only does Micro Niche Finder drastically cut your research time down to literally seconds per keyword, it performs many other time-saving research tasks, and all from the same interface.
No more clicking in and out of multiple windows, using different software and making notes.
Here is just some of the research you can accomplish with the current Micro Niche Finder Version 2: -Find a profitable niche with low competition -Perform broad dig to expand on your keyword -Perform narrow dig to find related keywords -Calculate your Google AdWords ad cost -Find affiliate products for your niche -Find site content for your niche -Find domain names relevant to your niche James Jones has actually improved on Version 2 and is planning the release of Version 3, with significant features, such as Google Hot Trends and Brainstorming buttons for up to the minute market research results.
The only downside is that the price will increase upon its release.

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