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The Next New Beatles Album

I suggested to my friends in the band, Revolution, A Tribute To The Beatles, that they record a CD that features the songs the Beatles would probably have recorded after their Abbey Road record.
It was Abbey Road, not Let It Be, that was the last record the Beatles recorded together although Let It Be was released last.
I suggested they take four or five songs from Paul McCartney's first solo album, McCartney, four or five from John Lennon's first solo album after the break up of the Beatles, Plastic Ono Band, two from George Harrison's All Things Must Pass and one from Ringo's first solo record.
Then arrange all the songs as the Beatles might have arranged them rather than the arrangements on the records and add George Martin's arrangements.
This would simulate the record the Beatles might have made had they stayed together a bit longer.
The songs I would suggest for inclusion are; From McCartney; Maybe I'm Amazed as that was the single from the album so it would most certainly make it onto a Beatles album.
Every Night, Junk, Man We Was Lonely and Teddy Boy would round out the rest.
Junk is simply one of the most beautiful songs Paul McCartney ever wrote and Teddy Boy is one of his solo tunes that the Beatles even went so far as to start to arrange.
If you compare the McCartney version to the version on The Beatles' Anthology 3, Disc 2, you'll get an idea of the differences between a solo Beatle arrangement and Beatles arrangement, even if the Beatles don't seem to be taking the song too seriously.
From Plastic Ono Band; Isolation, Love, Look At Me and Remember are tunes that are typical of Lennon's highly introspective style but unlike Working Class Hero, Mother or God, are not too oriented toward life with Yoko, the breakup of the Beatles or so personal to be embarrassing to the other Beatles.
After all, they probably would not have wanted to record "I don't believe in Beatles.
I just believe in me,Yoko and me.
" If they hadn't broken up the band by then, those lines would have put the last nail in their coffin.
From All Things Must Pass; Wah Wah would not have been included as it was about the breakup of the Beatles but the song All Things Must Pass was already presented to the Beatles as a possibility for their next album.
Beware Of Darkness is a classic and Isn't It A Pity is a great George song and I would add the third Harrison composition as his first solo album was a triple disc with tons of great stuff and Abbey Road's first single was his song, Something.
This shows that George was becoming accepted as an equal and might have been given more space on the next album.
The big hit off All Things Must Pass, My Sweet Lord, would probably have rubbed John the wrong way as it can be construed as a Christian rock anthem even though the Lord in question is Krishna, not Christ.
After 1966 John would be wary about any Christian references at all.
From Ringo's first solo album, I wouldn't suggest any as it was an album of covers which the Beatles had long since given up recording.
Instead I'd suggest what became Ringo's solo signature song, It Don't Come Easy, which was produced and co-written by George Harrison which makes it half a Beatles song anyway.
With an exceptional Beatles sound a like band and a George Martin inspired arrangement, this could surpass the novelty and actually be an excellent record.
The dream is still not over.

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