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Certified Nurse's Aide Gifts

    Nursing Specialty Gifts

    • There are gifts for specific nursing specialties. They include all-occasion gifts and cards made to pay tribute to nurses who are hardworking. Nursing aide gifts can be a commendation for a job well done, or as a way to honor National Nurses Week. Patients may give cards to a favorite nurse, or a tote bag or mug that honors nurses.

      A graduating nurse aide can be paid tribute through gifts designed for graduates. Patients can give a gift poem to their favorite nursing graduate, or an item such as a hat or t-shirt with a message that honors nurses.

    Books and Magazines

    • Books and magazines may be welcome gifts for nurse aides. A book can help pass time for a nurse when he stays overnight at group home, or be a great diversion after work. Magazine subscriptions are good gifts for nurses as they provide continued reading material. Try to to find out what the nurse assistants likes to read before getting a subscription.

    Massage & Manicures

    • Nursing assistants work for long hours and do physical tasks, including lifting patients. A gift of a manicure or massage is a welcome respite to such nurses. Try to determine in advance a nurse's area of interest for service gifts, or get a gift certificate to a spa that offers multiple services and let her choose. Group massage gifts are possible for multiple nursing aides -- shoulder massages can be given multiple nursing aides during work breaks.

    Donation Gifts

    • When a donation is made in the name of a nursing aide, it serves as a gift. When donating to charity on behalf of the nursing aide, personal interests of the nursing aide should be reflected in the mission statement. The donation announcement can be accompanied by a sincere thank-you note to the nursing aide.

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