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Benefits of Supplications

Benefits of dua or supplication are immense.
In every religion, scholars have discussed the benefits of prayer or dua.
It is very easy to understand for a common person that prayer indeed has a great impact on our actions and our deeds.
Prayer or supplication has great influence on our everyday life, on our thinking and our thoughts.
It changes not only our attitude, approach towards life but also the fate.
Prayer or dua is inevitable for spiritual growth.
It is the true connection with Allah Subhana Wa Tallah.
In other words, we surrender and give up on our egos.
This act of surrender to Allah Subhana Wa Tallah is supplication or prayer.
Ever wondered - Have you! Why do we need to pray? What is the importance and significance of supplications and invocations? What good does it bring when we pray to Allah Subhana Wa Tallah? When we pray and ask Allah Subhana wa Tallah for everything and anything it means we are offering us wholeheartedly to our Allah, the most Merciful and Kind.
Everything is expected from Him alone.
In the result of this sincerity and pleadings, the believer receives greatest gifts of all.
Once the connection is built and it is strengthened by praying and supplications, the believer feels more strength and confidence.
His level of thinking alters and his reactions are changed.
He becomes of strong faith that no one but Allah Subhana Wa Tallah can listen, attend and grant him everything.
From this point, the freedom begins.
Freedom from the illusions, satanic thoughts, and disturbances and from melancholy, depression, oppression and frustration is achieved.
From negative to positive, from pessimist to optimist and from introvert to extrovert happens with sincere prayers.
The attitude and approach towards life changes down the hillside when the person supplicates and prays.
Allah Subhana Wa Tallah has given many powers and energies to the sons of Adam.
These energies are wasted due to agonies and wrong actions or deeds.
By praying to Allah Subhana Wa Tallah these energies are saved from going a waste and supplications initiate as well as enhance the contemplation.
Rasool Allah SAAS has told the Muslims about so many benefits of supplication and invocation.
One of them is healing and getting rid of many ailments.
Through the prayers, the person receives protection from ill thoughts and harmful things, illnesses and laziness and from the catastrophes.
Prayers or supplications with the addition of invocations that provide strength to have strong beliefs, illuminates the heart, increases the level of tolerance and sustenance of soul.
The physical, mental and spiritual strength is granted and increased.
It is source of getting blessings from the Allah Almighty and helpful in keeping satanic illusions and thoughts away.
Many individuals have experimented and tested the power of prayers.
They were able to escape death and other misfortunes.
Supplications and invocations for others and for yourself are both considered as the best form of praising, praying and building connection with Allah Subhana wa Tallah the most Merciful, Beneficent and Kind.

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