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Is Private Tuition The Best Way To Prepare For The Danish Immigration Test?

In order to pass the Danish Immigration test you have to be able to speak and understand Danish at a basic level that has been set by the Danish government. The Danish Immigration test, tests your knowledge in a mixture of ways that include spoken, grammar, listening and Danish culture.

After the 15 November 2010 forwards, you have to pass the immigration test in order to be granted a residence permit on the evidence of family reunification with your spouse/partner in Denmark.

The Danish immigration test have to be taken in Denmark, so if you apply for family reunification from outside Denmark, you have to travel to Denmark to have the test. The test is offered at regular intervals throughout the year.

The immigration test is an oral test consisting of two parts: a language test (Danish language skills) and a knowledge test (Denmark and Danish culture). The two parts of the test are taken in succession, without a break in between. You need to pass all the tests in order to pass the immigration test. The full test takes approximately 30 minutes.

The test contains 70 questions: 40 questions designed to test your Danish language skills, and 30 questions about Danish society. To be able to make the pass level, you have to have at least 28 correct answers in the language test and at least 21 correct answers in the knowledge test.

In the language test you need to understand elementary Danish. You will need to be able to answer straight forward questions as well as understand everyday expressions and a number of standard Danish expressions.

The Danish immigration test is an oral test. Every question in the language and knowledge tests are asked in Danish, and you need to answer in Danish. It is computer-based, but you will not have to operate the computer or use a keyboard or mouse. While taking the test, you will be sitting in front of a computer wearing headphones while the computer plays the questions. Most questions are accompanied by a picture. You will answer the questions orally using a microphone attached to the headphones. Two examiners will later assess your replies.

You can not get up or talk to the other individuals taking the test. It is not possible to discontinue the test to take a take a breather or go to the lavatory. Also, it is not possible to repeat a question in case you did not hear it the first time, so it is essential that you remain focused. A tone will sound after each question.. When the test is over, you are required to stay seated until the staff tells you that you can stand up.

If you are applying for familial reunification from overseas and come to Denmark in order to take the immigration test, you must pass the test no later than three months after entering Denmark. If you apply in Denmark, you must pass the test no later than three months after the date of the letter from the Immigration Service informing you that you must take the test. The three months are including the time it takes for the two examiners to assess the test.

If you do not pass the test within the three-month limitation, your application for family reunification will be turned down and you will have to leave Denmark. Because you will have limited time to train for the test after arriving in Denmark it is a good idea to start preparing as early in the process as possible. There is no reason to wait for the letter from the Immigration Service - you can commence getting ready as soon as you have given in your application for a residence permit.

It is your own responsibility to study Danish. You can do this with the help of your spouse/partner, by taking courses in your country of residence, by buying language courses in the form of books or CD's, or by taking online language courses.

The Danish Ministry of Integration has developed a preparation package which you can use to prepare for the test. The preparation package consists of an educational film, a recorded vocabulary list for the language test, 100 images from the film with information about Denmark and Danish society, two examples of the language test and test instructions. It is a good idea to study the preparation material closely.

Private Danish lessons are easily the best way to learn Danish in order to prepare for the Danish Immigration test. Individual teaching is regarded as the quickest and most efficient way to gain knowledge of any language. Though this is not the cheapest option it is without any doubt the best.

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