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How To Ask A Guy Out At Work3 Ways To Follow

So, you see him from across your desk and you cannot help but wonder how to ask a guy out at work. I am sure a lot of working single ladies out there has faced the same predicament as you do. Do not worry about being alone because you have me and thousands of other ladies out there. However, unlike you I did not keep reading about tips instead I apply them into my life and look where I am now. Successful and contented with my well-endowed love life.

You could have the same that I have as well and learn how to ask a guy out at work. Perhaps, things will change about your relationships and you can get to keep that guy across your desk. Stop looking at him and daydream because right now you can unravel the secrets that I have discovered long ago.

1 Plan an outing with your other officemates

If possible, make it an outing that can be remembered as the best outing that he has ever been to. This is not really a date. It is just the first step to get to know him and perhaps you can find out about his feelings and life. Make sure that he is there otherwise your chance at asking him out for next time would fail.

2 Plan the date and time

You cannot ask a guy out without knowing when or where you are going. At least, you owe him the details. A guy will not go out with you if you are still unsure about the date.

3 Go to his desk and ask

The fact that you are working with each other it should be easier for you to get up your desk, approach him and ask right away. Make it sound like a casual invitation but be firm and give out the details. This should be enough to get your message across.

Learning how to ask a guy out at work is fairly easy because he knows you and you know him. The introduction part has long been answered and the get-to-know part is yet to begin. Of course, you might have some idea about what his personality is like but some details about his life are yet to be unfolded.

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