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How do I Score a 5700 in Wii Baseball?

    • 1). Select "Training Mode" from the main menu of "Wii Sports."

    • 2). Select the "Hitting Home Runs" training mode for Wii baseball.

    • 3). Swing the Wii remote like a baseball bat after the ball is pitched. To hit a home run, you must time your swing so that it coincides with the ball going over the plate on the screen. The power of your hit is based on how hard you swing the Wii remote. Swing the remote with a slight upward angle. This will increase the distance the ball travels.

    • 4). Repeat Step 3 for the next nine pitches. You must hit a home run on each pitch. Be aware that the last two pitches are thrown much harder than the previous ones. You will need to vary your timing accordingly.

    • 5). Wait for the training challenge screen to appear at the end of the training challenge. It will tell you your total score for "Hitting Home Runs." You will earn the platinum medal if you hit 10 home runs with a combined distance of 5,700 feet or more.

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