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Troubles Packing Up For Your Fishing Trip? Pulling Out Your Hair?

When the sun is still down and the alarm clock rings. We jump out of bed to that weekend of freedom. Our jobs and schools are put on hold for a day of excitement to spend time with our loved ones.

Lots of work go into a simple fishing trip. I doubt that the kids will ever know. Grabbing snacks and drinks for the kids. First aid kits. Grabbing up the tackle and poles, don't forget to replenish your tackle box. Grab old and extra clothing. Bug spray is a must. Don't forget the sunblock to. Now that most of the essentials are together time to hook up the boat.

So it's Friday after noon and the kids aren't helping. You back up the truck as to not damage your nice shiny bumper on your new truck. Little by little you move inches back. Oops, not enough, 2" more needed. And you finally get the boat on the hitch. Now to pack in all that gear. Go to the local gas station and fill up the truck and gas can for the boat.

Returning home to a cooked dinner because your wife is doing her part for the trip. We all know who are better half is!!Now that everything is together and dinner is done. The kids are rowdy and can't sleep because they are to excited to go. Finally they are down for the count and it is around 10:00 pm.

Wow! Exhausted already and you haven't even left for the trip and five to six hours of preparation have gone into this one trip out on the water.

Buzz Buzz Buzz. 4:30 am and time to get the troops up, fed and on the road by 5:30am. Driving to the boat landing the kids nap while you drive with a cup of coffee down the road (spilling in your lap). Your finally at the local fishing whole and in the water around 6-6:30am. So roughly 12hrs have passed and now you get to finally fish.

Tangled lines, bait issues, 'I'm hungry's', 'I'm cold's' But, you remind yourself that you enjoyed it as a child when your elders did it for you. And A smile runs across your face with the joy of spending time with your family. And with any luck your wife remembered the camera to have the proof of who got the biggest fish that day.

It was all worth the HARD WORK!!!!

And we can't wait to do it al over again for the love of fishing.

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