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How to Clear Mildew

Mold if not treated early can cause severe damage.
It is a sort of living creature that spreads rapidly in moist conditions.
There can be many factors behind building up of moisture.
It can be due to the leak pipes, or it may be due to the leak in roof and floor or sometimes a humid weather may cause the moisture problem.
Leakage can be repaired but humidity is quite complex to deal with.
Humidity doesn't limit to one area or room, it penetrates into the whole atmosphere of the home.
It is important to take necessary steps and control the mold on its early stage otherwise it can be extremely disastrous.
Find the Source The best way to remove and kill the mold is to find its source.
The source from where it is coming.
If you don't work on the source and just clean the affected areas, it will come back again.
Find the exact source of mold.
It might be cause of the leak in pipes or seepage in roof or floor of the basement.
Fix the problem as soon as possible.
After removing the source, start working on the places affected by the mold.
Humid climate is another source for mold, especially near coastal areas.
People who live near the sea or ocean have to work really hard to deal with mold.
To avoid mold, it is important to keep your doors and windows properly sealed.
If possible use dehumidifier to keep humidity level on lower side.
Scour Surfaces The right way to remove the mold from hard surfaces is to scrape it off.
Use non-ammonia detergent or regular soap to soak the mold and afterwards scrape it off from hard plastic, countertops, metal or glass.
If you scrub the dry mold, there are more chances that it releases spores into the air.
Close the room door so that spores to avoid spores from spreading.
On certain surfaces like structural woods, you may need to sand along with scraping.
It is important to wear goggles, breathing mask and other protective clothing to prevent any contact with spores.
Sterilize or Disinfect Just removing old from the surface is not enough.
You have to take steps to sop the re-growth of the mold.
To stop the re-growth of the mold, you need to disinfect or sterilize the area.
For this you can use a mixture of water and bleach.
Make solution according to the surface; for instance, make mixture of 1/4 to 1/2 cups of bleach per gallon of water for clean surface and make and use a mixture of 1 1/2 cups of bleach per gallon on concrete or wood surface.
Apply the mixture on the surface and leave it for 15 minutes.
Rinse it afterwards and dry the surface completely.
Remove Items Cleaning mold is not just confined to places, porous item should be removed in order to keep mold out of the house.
At times some items like carpet padding, drywalls and papers sustain damage from mold.
They should be removed permanently to ensure that the mold would not develop again.

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