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Why You Should Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar Before Going Electric

The guitar has changed music like no other instrument.
It has defined rock 'n' roll and the blues and country music just wouldn't be country without it.
Learning to play the guitar is something that is not difficult to do.
It does take time and any guitar player who practices gets better.
It's as simple as that.
Most guitar players lean towards playing the electric guitar as their first choice.
It is played more than the acoustic but when a new guitar player starts out it is important to begin with good habits.
If you will learn to play the acoustic guitar first it will provide you with some very beneficial habits.
The most important habit is the development of your fingers to play it correctly.
The height of the strings above the fretboard, is typically higher on an acoustic guitar than it is on an electric.
If you begin on an acoustic you are strengthening your fingers and creating the habit of pressing firmly to make each note.
When it is time to play the electric guitar your fingers will fly across the fretboard.
You will be amazed at how fast you can play.
This is a very important habit to start with.
Many musicians who begin with an electric have a hard time when it comes to playing an acoustic.
They are not accustomed to the higher string height and therefore have a more difficult time playing it.
Another reason to start on the acoustic is that you don't need an amplifier to listen to what you are playing.
You can hear each note and if you are playing it correctly.
This allows you to adjust to make sure you get it right.
Since you don't have to worry about an amp you can also take your acoustic with you where ever you go.
As with anything you must practice to get better.
It doesn't take much time.
Start with 30 minutes a day.
It is also best to get some quality guitar lessons to start you off right.
DVD's are great as you can watch and practice with them at any time.
Watch out for free lessons online.
Most won't teach you the correct fundamentals and remember that you end up getting what you paid for.

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