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A Platonic Romance With the Baroque Pearls

For decades, traditions and cultures across the world have passionately picked the unsurprisingly 'accurate aptness' and 'purity of presence' in pearls.
But today, the desire to break the boundaries has won.
People prefer originally creative and self expressive aspects.
Welcome the stylish transformation that narrates the story of counter cultural circumvention.
The pristine and rounded snow white pearls that have always been on lime light have stepped aside for a while to offer room for the unique, inspiring and exuberantly expressive Baroque pearls.
Can imperfect be beautiful? Showcasing the imperfect beauty that can no way be alike another - Baroque Pearls.
Yes, Baroque is the name! For the woman who gracefully accepts her imperfections but still is unique her own way.
Come let's appreciate the platonic romance of the pearls.
Be it shapes, colors or sizes these pearls offer a vast gamut of beaming colors and an endless plethora of possibilities one can adore.
The most famous Baroque jewellery is 'The Canning Jewel'.
This 19th century mythical figure of a merman has many decorative pearls embedded in it and is now in Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
How to test the originality of a pearl? Well, rub the pearl on the teeth.
An original pearl feels a little gritty.
Usually the pearls are rubbed together to test.
A result of smoothness means they are fake, while telltale grittiness explains they are real.
What makes pearls special? Pearls are natural.
One cannot change the shape of the pearl like the gold or diamonds can be molded, cut or faceted.
They offer themselves as a natural ornament in its own unique shape.
Of course you will lighten up wearing the pearls.
Everything you should know about Baroque pearls:
  • The shape of the pearls can vary from minor aberrations to huge ovoid, pinch, lumpy shapes or curved pearls.
  • They can be cultured salt water or freshwater pearls.
  • Freshwater pearls are nucleated with mantle tissue instead of bead where as saltwater pearls tend to be teardrop shape because of the spherical nucleated bead.
  • Tahitian and South Sea are the most valuable type of Baroque.
  • They are highly valued for the color, luster and shapes.
  • The depth of the nacre depends greatly on the amount of time the pearl is cultured.
  • The irregular shape of these pearls is when the oyster creates an uneven deposition of nacre around its nucleus.
Why these exclusive pearls stand out: Any kind of jewels can fall in love with these pearls and an amazing piece of jewellery can be created.
These pearls can partner with several type of ornaments like the bunch of gem stones, semi precious stones, gold and silver where other type of pearls can't.
If you want to lift up your stylish look, traditional look or ethnic look, Baroque pearls excel in every style.
The ornaments made out of these pearls stand out and walk independently on the red carpet.
The jewels created using these pearls offer a variety of choices complimenting the moods and outfits of a woman.
Buying jewellery online is completely a pleasant experience.

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