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Oh Dear, My Bed Partner Has Four Legs!

There is no question that the relationship between people and animals is a dynamic one.
Having worked with a therapy dog for a while now I have seen the dramatic effects a pet can have, reducing blood pressure, releasing endorphins that make us feel warm and fuzzy, to name just a couple.
Maybe that is why it comes as no surprise that many people share their beds with their four-legged friends.
Now, my Great Dane has his own dog bed, in front of the fireplace none the less, a large dog bed, sheepskin and all.
But does he choose to use it? Of course not! He chooses our king sized bed instead.
We have tried all kinds from designer dog beds, to large stuffed dog beds, to inflatable dog beds, all of which he sniffs over, tests and maybe will lie on for a few minutes then promptly leaves when it is time to actually retire...
to our bed! I am not alone.
My friend has a couple of Schnauzers who take up as much room as my Great Dane when they sprawl across their queen sized bed.
Yes, they have their own small dog beds, also special dog beds for when they travel.
These seem to be suitable for short snoozes but not for nighttime.
Perhaps it is because that as puppies we feel they need that extra care and attention even at night so we slip them in beside us only to wake up one day hovering on the edge of the bed, which is now a dog bed, listening to the contented sounds of our babies snoring and feeling the kicks as they chase those imaginary rabbits, and clinging to the edge of a blanket unable to pull it out from under the bed-hog beast! (Remember, my dog is a Great Dane, not easily stirred from a deep sleep.
) But, would we have it any other way? Of course not! They are our best friends, not pets, but family.
And we will continue to keep those cute beds around our house to look good when company comes, then happily pat the bed and say "come on baby dog" when it is time to call it a night...
after all, we can all use a few more of those endorphins to give us the warm fuzzies! Good night all!

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