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Parts of a Daylily Flower

    Upper Section

    • The upper portion of a daylily includes seed pods, bloom scars and buds. The inner area of the flower is where the stamen, pistil, midrib, throat and sepal are located. Bracts and petals are also on the upper region of the daylily.


    • Leaves and proliferations (extra nodes or shoots) make up most of the daylily's midsection. The leaves of a daylily have a long, straight shape to them. The leaves arch outward, giving the flower a very full, wild look. The midsection is rich with foliage, giving the exotic appearance of a typical perennial.

    Lower Section

    • Daylilies have a lower section that consists of roots and a crown located between the roots and leaves, usually white in color. Daylilies grow from large roots called rhizomes, which can spread horizontally and send up new shoots.

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