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How users buy clothes online recently got a makeover from Google's customizable product, is sort of an aggregator of fashion retail websites, but it takes it a step further by merely using the products as feeds on a unique site that caters to the user. The site effectively allows users to build a custom store that reflects their fashion sense, making suggestions based on previously chosen items as it goes along. It will remember designers that you liked, color preferences, accessory parings such as shoes and purses and style preferences. Each time you plug in a search term, as long as it's not extremely specific, it will also suggest matching garments and accessories.

This concept, similar to how the Music Genome Project was used to engineer the customizable internet radio station Pandora, reflects growing trends in the online retail marketplace. The ‘boutiques' on the site are not vendor stores. They are user generated boutiques. In essence, the ‘store' you create on is similar to your Facebook page. It is a reflection of you and what you like. Thus, even retail is being made more personal, more social.

Various celebrities have already created boutiques that reflect their sense of style on the site. All you have to do if you want to look like Beyonce is visit her boutique. Any dress or pair of shoes you like can be bought (assuming it is affordable to you) by clicking on it. You will instantly be taken to the designer's website so you can purchase the products and browse their store. You cannot make actual purchases on—at least not yet.

Because it is brought to you by Google, the designers whose brands list well in Google's SERP are more likely to end up there. It's a win-win for online merchants. Since it is a kind of social media, if any of your products or your brand in general is well liked among Boutique's users, it will increase your ranking on the SERPs through organic SEO back links. If your dress ends up in a popular celebrity's boutique, that's free publicity for your brand.

It would be easy if eCommerce sites could just reap all the benefits by simply contracting with Google to list their wares on the site, but that isn't how it works. Google partnered with leading fashion designers and celebrities to ask them what they liked in the design of the website. These experts even had something to do with the algorithm developed by Google to utilize fashion industry standards and concepts when it setup

Therefore, if you are a merchant or designer, the only way for your product to end up on the site is by contacting to have your products listed. The boon that a site like Boutiques brings with it of course is that if your products are prominent there, they might be prominent on Google and vice versa. It all comes down to high quality content and marketing strategies.

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