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How to Remove Kitchen Wall Tile

    • 1). Cover your work area with a drop cloth. The drop cloth will catch any loose pieces of tile and grout.

    • 2). Score and loosen the grout around the tile using a utility knife or scoring tool. Scrape away all of the grout around the tile.

    • 3). Apply painter's tape to the tiles around the tile to be removed. This will protect them from damage.

    • 4). Use a nail set and hammer to break the wall tile into small pieces if it is still intact. If the wall tile is already cracked, use a drill to make holes in the middle of the largest cracked pieces.

    • 5). Use a chisel to remove the broken pieces. Start from the inside of the tile and work your way out. Use enough pressure to remove the broken pieces but not enough to damage the surrounding tiles.

    • 6). Scrape off the remaining grout. Take care not the damage the wall behind the grout.

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