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Tips on Completing Offers For Cashcrate

Understanding how a survey company works is only way to earn money with GPT sites like Cashcrate.
These tips will help understand the way CashCrate approves offers.
When you know how gpt sites work you will see around 90% of your offers approving instead of having over $200 dollars in the "pending" section.
Download Roboform when Filling out forms The majority of earning money on CashCrate involves "completing offers".
As you may already know, it can be very time consuming to type in your name, email, and gender hundreds of times.
To speed up the process of filling in your information, you can download Roboform for free.
Roboform is an automatic form filler and password keeper, so that with one simple click, Roboform automatically inputs your information for you.
This program works with Firefox and Internet Explorer only.
If you don't have these web browsers you can download them for free as well.
Have Multiple E-mails when Completing Offers Many companies with CashCrate provide various offers to them.
If you completed one offer under a company and was credited for that offer, it is likely that you won't be credited again for a second offer under the same company.
To solve this issue, you need to create new email addresses when completing different offers.
The different e-mails will help your offers processand you will be approve.
I suggest using Gmail for creating new e-mail addresses because all you will need is one address at a time.
How is that possible? Gmail allows you the ability to put periods (.
) in your address and companies view this as a completely different e-mail.
Look: When you create an account use all the 30 letters that are allowed to have in the email address.
Than when you fill out the forms on GPT sites just put a period on every other letter.
com yo.
com you.
com your.
com youre.
com yourem.
com your.
com Cleaning Out Your Cookies with CCleaner And the companies will see this as a new email.
And then you can do this as well: y.
com yo.
com you.
com When going through the process of completing offers, cookies are placed onto your computer for tracking purposes.
A company can recognize you have been to there site before from these cookies and you will not be credited the money.
First, make sure on your internet browser that you allow for all cookies to go through.
Don't worry, this won't cause any virus or slowing of your internet service.
So delete these cookies after each offer you complete.
NOT During.
To do so, you can download CCleaner for free.
For more information on Cashcrate, Click Here.

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