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All About Chinese Language

Many students want to learn the Chinese language, but it is important for them to know what particular dialect in China to learn. You need to know that in China there are different regional groups with different dialect. The most common dialect that you will hear in China is Mandarin because almost 850 million Chinese speaks this language. Other languages are Wu with 90 million, Cantonese with 70 million and Mi with 70 million speakers. The main dialect in China is Mandarin and it is used also for their numerical terms and it is use as the main language in the Chinese government. Many students will benefit if they will choose to study Mandarin than other dialect in China.

The official Chinese language which is Mandarin is a translation from a Beijing word guan-hu. This words means "official language" and this is the main dialect of the city for centuries. Mandarin was accepted as their official language at the start of the 20th century. You will also hear this language spoken in Taiwan, but there is also a slight difference when it comes to syntax and vocabulary. Another Chinese language which is Wu is common in Zhejiang province. This is the municipality of Shanghai. Aside from this place, you will also hear people using this language in Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, and province of Fujian. The in language is use in southeastern Fujian province and migrants from Guangdong, Hainan. Some also use this Chinese language in three counties in southern Zhejiang and in Zhoushan archipelago. Some people in Taiwan also use this language.

Cantonese can be heard in Guangdong province, Mainland China and in Guanx. If you will go to Macau, southern mainland China and Hong Kong you will also hear some people using this language. There are 70 percent of people in China that uses this language and you will find them mostly in plains western region. These regions that speak this Chinese language are neoriental plain, provinces of Guangxi, Y?ngzi, Hu?i, Gu?izhou, Sichuan and Yunan. There is a huge advantage if you will learn how to speak Mandarin than other Chinese language especially if you are planning to migrate or work in China.

Chinese language is a tonal language. The difference between the tonal is what makes language in China different from each another. There are times when the dialect of two villages that is only few kilometers away from ah other have different tonal system. For instance, tonal system used in Pekin is also the typical way of speaking the Chinese language in septentrional region. Mandarin is the easiest language to learn in China because it is a simple dialect only four tones that specify the four levels of words such as high, very high, medium, and fallen high. There are different ways of how you can easily learn different Chinese language especially with the help of internet. You will find English to Chinese dictionary that can translate English words to different Chinese dialects. It can help you a lot.

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