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Pontiac G6 Exhaust Tips

    • Many exhaust tips are available for the G6.Motorcycle exhaust image by Crisps85 from

      The Pontiac G6 is an entry-level sports sedan that replaced the Pontiac Grand Am in 2004. It has a sports car look and is often modified for performance and cosmetics. One relatively inexpensive way to modify these cars is to add an upgraded exhaust tip. These exhaust tips come in a number of different styles, such as single chrome tips, dual and custom-shaped tips, and even some very exotic ones.

    Single Tip

    • The most basic upgrade is a single, chrome exhaust tip. These tips are typically welded to the factory exhaust and add a slightly more custom look. Single exhaust tips can be purchased for less the $20 from on-line retailers and then taken to local exhaust shops for installation.

    Dual and Custom Tips

    • The G6 comes standard from the factory with single exhaust, meaning the tailpipe terminates in a single tip. However, by adding a dual exhaust tip it gives the impression of a more robust exhaust system. Alternately, a wider, oblong or box-shaped exhaust tip can be installed just as easily as a single tip and can be purchased for less than $25.

    Exotic Tips

    • If a single or dual chrome tip is too subtle, there are a number of exotic tips that do much more than vent exhaust gases. Street Beat Customs and other on-line retailers sell exhaust tips that have LED lights around the tips and even exhaust tips that increase or change the sound of the car. These exotic tips cost more than tamer chrome tips, starting at $40 for noise-making tips and more than $80 for LED tips.

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