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How to Apply Blue Andorian Makeup


    • 1). Wash, exfoliate and moisturize your face, and pull back your hair.

    • 2). Mix the white base makeup and blue makeup with the wooden craft stick until you have enough very pale sky-blue makeup to cover your face and whatever skin will be showing.

    • 3). Scoop some of the sky-blue makeup onto a makeup sponge and use it to cover your whole face, starting at the nose and working outward. Don't forget your eyebrows, neck and ears.

    • 4). Use a clean makeup sponge and a little plain blue makeup to create shadows under your cheekbones, at your temples and just beneath your jawline from ear to ear, making sure to blend the edges so they look natural.

    • 5). Put a small amount of purple cream eyeshadow onto the edge of clean makeup sponge and apply it carefully to your upper eyelid, and below your lower eyelashes.

    • 6). Line your upper and lower eyelids very thinly with the purple eye pencil. Make the lines a little thicker for a woman, and then smudge them.

    • 7). Put some pink cream blush on a clean makeup sponge and add just a little color to your lips. If you are a woman, do your cheekbones, too.

    • 8). Put on the white or silver wig with the antennae, making sure your own hair is completely hidden.

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