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How to Get Divorce in Singapore

Separating from the spouse- this concept is not a new one in the eastern countries. Over a long period of time, the societies have a provided the couples a chance to improve their life in case they are not happy in a marriage. However, the marriage is considered to be a sacred aspect in the eastern countries, taking a divorce is most often avoided. The marriage is to bring two people together and let them enjoy a happy life along with contributing to the development of the society. To enjoy a successful married life the couple should be compatible to each other. They should have the capability to deal with negative points and help one another to bring out the best in them. Even though after trying very hard due to unavoidable circumstances, it can happen that the couple is unable to live together in a relationship. In case such circumstances arise, they can apply for Singapore divorce procedure.

Obtaining a divorce is easy if the couple fulfills all the set criteria decided by the law of the Singapore. They should be married for at least 3 years and been living together for that period. Moreover, they should have the documents to back their marriage. In case the couple is an expat citizen or are working over here but have citizenship of any other country, they should have been living in Singapore for 3 years at least and should be married for that period. However, in certain conditions the court also considers the marriages of lesser period as well like if the spouse has tried to kill the applicant or is involved in a serious crime, which can threaten the life of the applicant as well.

The divorce applicant should have a strong reason to back the divorce application, otherwise the family court will not grant it. In case you are in doubt about the duration of your marriage or your conditions, you can discuss the facts with a trusted and experienced Singapore divorce lawyer. After finding out that you are qualified to apply for the divorce, you can file a case with the help of the good divorce lawyer. The selection of the divorce lawyer also requires some hard work since he is going to represent you in the family court. Moreover, they need help to make a list of all the assets attached to the marriage or the bank accounts. It will help in division of the property attached and will avoid the chances of fraud. Discuss all the aspects of the divorce with the lawyers and collect all the necessary proofs to back your case.

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