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Beach Decor for Rooms


    • According to Elle Decor, beach decor should include the blue of water and sky. It also, according to Cottage Home Decorating, should have accents indicative of the yellow-beige of the sand, as well as the pinks of coral.


    • Selecting outdoor-friendly fabric such as canvas is an excellent choice. It's easy to wipe sand off it, and it doesn't fade as quickly as other materials. Fabrics with striped and plaid patterns are most often selected in beach decor, but solids are popular as well.


    • While some items, such as shells, are common in beach-themed decor, homeowners should also consider other beach-related items, particularly unusual ones such as antique glass, flotation devices, old fishing netting, ocean-themed landscape prints and old advertisements for nautical gear.

    Other Considerations

    • For beach-house owners who want to try decorating ideas that lean on the risky side--for example, bright colors such as turquoise, or a crazy nautical wallpaper pattern--"Country Living" recommends trying out these ideas in the bathroom before implementing them in other rooms.

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