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Change Of Name Advertisements

People change names for all sorts of reasons. A boy may be named Virender according to his birth certificate but he might accidentally have been enrolled in school as Virendra and, later, on the advice of some numerologist, changed it to Veerendra. An Indian woman's name can undergo similar changes - plus one or two when she gets married. Her surname could change to that of her husband's and, following some traditions, even her given first name could be replaced by a completely different one by her in-laws.

Sometimes, people even change their names entirely on a whim. Whatever it is, for maintaining one's citizenship and also to keep ID proofs, it is essential to make an announcement about the change in your name. In the circumstances, when a person who has undergone such changes of name applies to the government for, for instance, passport, he or she will be asked to clarify what exactly is his or her position. It will then be essential for that person to book change of name ads in the newspapers.

What are the benefits of change of name advertisements?

It is a formal announcement to all readers as well as the government or official authorities about the advertiser's change in identity.

A clipping of a change of name advertisement serves as an essential document which can be used as a declaration of the new name for any official purpose.

Newspapers ads often note the authenticity of the intentions and official urgency of the advertisers for changing names.

Importantly, it is essential for people around the advertiser to be made aware of the change in identity since it marks the way they are normally known

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to watch out for:

Firstly, most newspapers do not sufficiently highlight classified advertisements and, thus, a change of name advertisement could be missed out by readers who need to be informed by the newspaper advertisement

Also, if it is not composed properly, a change of name advertisement might become irrelevant

Change of name advertisements are the most common category for classified advertising in newspapers across the country. All national, regional and even local newspapers have specific Change of Name category which is typically in a classified column or a classified display (where, at a slightly higher price, the advertiser can use small visuals like a company logo). There is no scope for using the expensive and bigger display advertising space.

Other points to be kept in mind while placing a change of name advertisement in a newspapers:

Most important is all such advertisements must be backed by notarised affidavits duly signed a gazetted officer who testifies to the change of name.

The advertisement must include the complete address of the person whose name has been changed.

Change of name announcements should be published in at least two newspapers, of which one must be a regional or local newspaper.

It is always cost-effective to make change of name announcements in newspapers offering low rates as they are more of a necessity than having luxury or a promotional value

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