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How to Explain Family Traditions to Your Children

Sharing traditions with children, is important in maintaining unity and closeness within the family unit.
Traditions, foster stability and a sense of security in the younger members, while reinforcing the belief system of the elders.
Including the children in the planning, and preparation for upcoming events, is one way to help them realize that the role they play, is equally important as that of the adults.
An example of this would be to allow the children to be present when preparing for the particular, ceremony, holiday or celebration.
Give them a simple task to do, and use that time spent together, to talk about what part you played in it as a child their age.
When children are old enough to begin asking questions about the tradition or ritual, take time to discuss why these happenings are taking place, on a level that they can understand.
Tell them the story behind how it all began, and remind them of the names of the relatives or ancestors who have passed it down.
Build up the event by letting them know what will be expected.
What will they see, hear, smell or taste?When, where and why will these events take place.
Show enthusiasm and excitementto let them know how important it is to you..
Make the preparation fun by having the kids help with decorations, if it is a ceremony or celebration.
With respect to religious beliefs and rituals, let the child observeand if possible participate, even if they do not fully grasp the deeper meaning behind the things that are being done.
Ask the older children what new traditions would they like to add for the family to enjoy..
Offer them suggestions by taking into consideration the things that they have an interest in.
For example, if they lovewatching movies, they could have a movie night, or a special time to play games, or go out for pizza.
By making new, fun, kid friendly routines, the children will not mind sitting through some of the traditions that may seem otherwise boring to them.
As much as you may desire that your children understand the history and more important details of various family customs,Do not forget to emphasize the joy and togetherness that these special times are meant to bring to each and every family member.
Keep things simple, as the children grow each year, they will understand more and more as time goes on.

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