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What Tool to Use to Cut Metal

    The Hacksaw

    • The handheld hacksaw is perhaps the most traditional and familiar of all metal cutting saws. Consisting of a rectangular frame with a thin, rigid blade on the bottom, a hacksaw easily cuts through metal pipe.

    Cold Saw

    • The cold saw is a circular saw that operates at low speeds, enabling the metal to stay cool. It uses high speed steel or tungsten carbide tipped circular blades.

    Jig Saw

    • Bi-metal saw blades can be purchased for hand held, electrical jig saws. These blades enable a jig saw to cut through metal.

    Band Saws

    • Larger, and oriented more toward an experienced cutter, vertical and horizontal band saws may be used to cut metal, if an appropriate metal cutting blade and cutting fluid are used.


    • Oxy-fuel torches use oxygen to combine with heat generated by the flame and the metal. When the metal reaches high temperatures, it forms iron oxide and melts away from the cut site.

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