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How to Choose the Right Sketchbook?

Sketching is a lot of fun for many reasons.
First of all, it allows a person to become familiar and comfortable with the pencil medium.
Second, finding a sketchbook is easy.
An artist might even have more than one.
Third, those that aren't very experienced with paints yet can use a small sketchbook to study simple objects wherever they go.
  One of the best things about sketchbooks is that they come in all sizes.
Some sketchbooks are very fancy, while others are simple.
Sketching paper is sold separate as well - in a variety of different sizes.
  Spiral bound sketchbooks are usually preferred by most artists.
They are very comfortable to use by both lefthanded and righthanded people.
According to the drawing surface a person needs, a sketchbook can be turned with the spirals facing upwards or to the side.
The most important thing to consider when purchasing a sketchbook is the type of media an artist will use.
Sketching with markers is very popular.
A lot of people enjoy making comics and cartoon characters on their sketchbooks.
This can easily be done with enough practice and the right sketchbook.
Classic sketchbooks are permanently bound.
They are very elegant and usually have a way to stay closed.
Some rely on an elastic band, others on magnets, while others have a loop closure.
These versions are more classy and are usually made of high quality leather or other material.
Some sketchbooks' outer covering is made out of a canvas.
This means that the owner can paint over it with most paint mediums to give it a unique look and design.
These sketchbooks are often used by artists that are interested in landscape art, cityscape art and marine art.
Those that enjoy traveling a lot can purchase a compact version of a sketchbook.
It can be something that will easily fit in a purse or a backpack - depending on what the artist's accessories are.
A few sketchbooks are small enough to fit in a pocket.
However, purchasing oversized or very small sketchbooks will probably mean that a person will not use them too often.
There are many tote and carry bags that can be used specifically to transport sketchbooks, pencils, chalk, markers, and other art supplies.
Those that enjoy sketching don't usually carry a separate bag, unless they have a large sketchbook that can't be placed in a purse or a backpack.
However, adding a wide variety of sketching pencils, rubbers, smudging tools, charcoal, pencil sharpeners, and other accessories might require purchasing a Pencil Wrap (Roll).
Sketching is something that every artist needs to learn.
It is the beginning of a path in art.
Those that want to paint should pick up a pencil and sketch before they pick up a paint brush and create a masterpiece of acrylic on canvas.
This is why sketchbooks are so important.
Sketching is very basic and it is not as precise as painting, nor is it as difficult to carry as an easel, canvas and paints.
A sketchbook, a pencil, an eraser, and a sharpener can easily be brought everywhere.
Sketchbooks are not only important for improving one's sketching abilities.
They are also are a great surface for a beginner's pencil drawings, color pencil, charcoal, markers, light watercolors (not too much water), etc.
Sketchbooks are not expensive, and a person can have a smaller one for travel and a bigger one for more complicated sketch work.

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