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Choosing Your Holiday Wardrobe

Most women may agree that choosing an outfit can be a pretty stressful experience at times. WeâEUR(TM)ve all been there âEUR" the entire contents of our wardrobe spread across the bed and floor, trying on umpteen different combinations and discarding many items at first sight. And this is just when getting ready for work in the morning or going for lunch with friends! So how can you avoid this when you are on holiday? After all, no one wants to waste their precious holiday time worrying about what they are going to wear each day or even worse end up paying excess baggage charges because we simply couldnâEUR(TM)t decide what to leave behind.

The first thing to consider is definitely the weather conditions of your destination. Obviously if you are going on a skiing holiday then your holiday wardrobe is going to be entirely different to what you would wear for a fortnight in the Caribbean! Unless, of course, you are holidaying in the UK, in which case you would be advised to pack for every eventuality!

It may be an idea to think about what you are actually going to be doing when you are away as well. For example, will you be spending lots of time walking about sightseeing or mainly relaxing on the beach? Perhaps you may be planning to take part in lots of physical activities like hiking or water sports? After all, there is no point in packing five pairs of jeans if you are planning to lounge about the beach all day!

Once you have covered off these important details, you can start planning your holiday wardrobe! It may be an idea to try on everything before you go as some older items may no longer be a great fit or could be looking a bit worn. When it comes to your new purchases, leave yourself plenty of time to buy everything, especially if you are buying online âEUR" this will give you the opportunity to return anything that isnâEUR(TM)t quite right when it arrives.

Aim to plan your outfits ahead if you can âEUR" for example if you know you are going to be getting dolled up to hit the bars on a few nights out then pack dresses and accessories that you know work well together. Same goes for daytime, if you know you are going on a sightseeing trip, make sure you have packed comfortable shoes and a bag that isnâEUR(TM)t going to be a burden to carry while walking around all day.
A capsule holiday wardrobe may be the best solution âEUR" looking at the styles that are on trend and maybe buying a few key pieces, for example a summer dress, some trousers and one pair of shoes means you can base the rest of your holiday clothing around these.
Whatever your plans are, planning ahead and making sure you have packed appropriately will go a long way to helping you achieve a stylish and appropriate holiday wardrobe!

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