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The Importance of Focus in Online Marketing

In any endeavour in life, whether in sport or business, focus is critical. Being focussed in what we are doing is often referred to as 'being in the moment'.

So in a world with a huge (and growing) number of distractions, competing voices and general 'noise', how do we cut through all of this and work effectively to create a viable online marketing business?

One of the ways is to create personal meaning for what we do. What do I mean by this? Personal meaning is a realisation that what I am doing is part of something bigger than what I am currently involved in. This realisation helps us focus our attention and efforts on the task in hand.

The way of doing this is to ensure that whatever task we have in hand, we need to ensure that it has a positive and relevant personal meaning. If this happens then that task will have a higher priority and subsequently increased likelihood of success.

So we need to ask ourselves; "What personal meaning do I hope to create by becoming a successful online marketer?" What is the 'end goal' of what I am trying to achieve? Is it to replace my current job? Is it to generate income that will allow me to do this? Or is it to develop my leadership skills? Or is it simply to learn how to become a leader?

The following table shows that in our online marketing business, our goal needs to be to achieve both high levels of meaning and high performance, which means that we are operating in what is known as the 'Flow Zone'.

Meaning Performance Zone
High Meaning / High Performance = 'Flow zone'
High Meaning / Low Performance = 'Dream zone'
Low Meaning / High Performance = 'Drone zone'
Low Meaning / Low Performance = 'Burn zone'

When we operate in the 'flow zone' as online marketers we are more likely to achieve peak performance, experience optimal job satisfaction and less personal stress. When we operate in any of the other zones, we will experience various levels of frustration, and our work will be characterised by inefficiency and ineffectiveness resulting in low performance.

Our aim therefore needs to be to manage ourselves and those we lead to have high levels of meaning and consequently high sustainable levels of performance in order to operate in the 'Flow Zone'

In summary we can say that; "The power of meaning brings the power of focus. Where focus goes the energy flows and where energy flows success soon follows".

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