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4 Most Deadly Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Want Your Ex Back! These Are an Absolute Must Know!

Being dumped by a lover can drive anyone into the brink of insanity.
You fail to think straight, you can't get peace of mind, you start acting paranoid, and you may tend to go psycho over the breakup.
The good news is, you can get your ex back but you have to avoid the four deadliest mistakes you could ever do to make your plan fail and send him/her running for dear life or worse: to somebody new.
Don't overreact - Crying and acting clingy as if you were a helpless child won't solve anything.
Cursing, sending death threats, violent reactions, verbal abuse, and even physical abuse on your ex won't do you any good.
In fact, those things will only make your ex realize that he/she's better off without you.
Being desperate - Desperation takes on may forms.
It can be you sending countless emails, text messages, and IMs to your ex, or it can be in the form of you calling him, following him/her home from work, and groveling while begging for him/her to come back.
Not only will these make you look pathetic but it makes you look immature, which is a big turn-off to your ex.
Making your ex jealous - Always remember that using jealousy is like wielding a double-edged sword.
Avoid using jealousy if your ex is possessive, temperamental, or if jealousy was the cause for your breakup in the first place.
This will only get you and date to be verbally or physically attacked by a jealous ex.
Totally breaking down - A breakup can always give anyone an emotional and physical blow that can make you go out of control and do damaging things to yourself like overeating, succumbing to comfort foods, getting drunk, and neglecting your health and personal hygiene.
While these may give you temporary relief, they can also make you look unappealing to your ex, which can drive him/her further away.

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