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How to Snorkel in Maui

    • 1). Rent or buy a mask and snorkel from a water sports gear shop. The strap of the mask should be adjusted so it fits the head tightly to prevent water leaking in. A good-quality mask and snorkel set can be purchased for around $30 or less. Alternatively, tourists can rent snorkel gear in Maui at the range of rental shops situated along the west coast. The cost of renting the equipment varies from $2 to $30 a day. Flippers, an available extra, allow the snorkeler to glide easily through the water without using as much energy.

    • 2). Find the right spot. Snorkelers should generally stick to the west side of the island, as the waters are safer there. Despite this, the waters can still be affected by sea swells, rain and the time of year. Generally, swells come from the north during the winter, so it is advised that snorkelers stick to the south end of the west coast. It is more common for swells to come from the south during the summer, and therefore it is recommended that snorkelers head for the north end of the west coast. Some of the best beaches for snorkeling are Honolu'a Bay, Makulei'a Bay, Kapalua Bay and the three Kamaole Beaches. There are many snorkeling trips available, which can be booked once in Maui at the many rental shops located along the west coast, or trips can be booked in advance over the Internet with companies such as Boss Frog's and Maui Snorkeling Tours.

    • 3). Move slowly around the fish to avoid spooking them when in the water, and do not attempt to touch any of the marine life including fish, turtles or reef sharks. These animals are all known to be relatively harmless, but it is out of respect that snorkelers should give them their space. Most of the snorkeling hot spots in Maui are located in marine reserves, which means that swimmers should take nothing but photographs.

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