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Locking Down Your House And Doing It Yourself For Your Own Benefit

For as long as I can remember, I've been a DIY type of guy. Even before I heard the term €do it yourself€, I was a do it myself kind of person. Every time I work on a project from start to finish, I get a big feeling of accomplishment, a nice self esteem increase, and a new skill. These days, I don't have time to do everything myself. I hire people to do my yard work, my plumbing jobs, and even some construction projects.

This being said, there are some projects that I just can't let go of. I'll never let another person secure my home for me. The reason for this is that do it yourself home security is much safer than the other alternatives. Every time you bring an outside contractor in to work on your home security, you run the risk of letting a thief into your home. When a stranger comes into your home, he or she has the ability to find or even create holes in your home security.

How do you know that the guy installing your alarm system won't disable it later when they know you are not home and easy pickings for a would be robber?

Throughout the last couple of years I've installed surveillance cameras, home security lighting, alarms, and even door reinforcements. I've even found tools that help me monitor different zones of my yard and even my driveway. The entire system did not cost much and does not have monthly bills associated with it. My home owners insurance has also gone down. Insurance companies love home owners that have secured their homes with alarm systems and they are willing to give them discounts on their insurance.

Do it yourself home security really isn't that difficult. I started with the basics and worked my way up to the harder projects. The easiest projects were to reinforce the doors. For a small amount of money, a home owner can put in door jams that will reinforce the doors to the point that they will not be kicked in. All you need is some hardware, a drill and some screws.

The next project I undertook was the implementation of home security lighting. This was inexpensive and makes my yard look great at night. It even keeps me from tripping over the cat when I take the trash out.

Surveillance cameras and alarm systems were next on my list of "to dos". They cost a bit more, but make me feel safe and secure. Although it took me a few months of saving, I now know that my family will be safe and sound at night, and that is worth any price in my book.

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