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How to Migrate a GroupWise BlackBerry

    • 1). Download and install a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to provide an infrastructure for the migration (see Resources). The focus of the new server will be to achieve compatibility with whichever platform you are migrating to. For example, if you are migrating from GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange, your new server will be based on Exchange compatibility.

    • 2). Change the user data for each BlackBerry being migrated from GroupWise to your new server. Using the desktop manager, back up all of the devices individually, then wipe all the devices of their current settings.

    • 3). Reset the BlackBerry so it can synchronize fully with the new server. Repeat this until all of the required devices have been synchronized.

    • 4). Shut down the GroupWise BES when all the users have migrated, and change the Server Routing Protocol on the new BES to your previous SRP. The SRP Research In Motion gave you is temporary, and you must return to the old, permanent one.

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