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A Message From The Heart

There's a big, big problem with the way we MLMers do business.
The MLM approach itself is great, and truly is the best, most effective business model for making lasting wealth fairly quickly.
It just has to be done right.
The problem comes in the way we do business or the attitude behind our recruiting efforts, and the resulting actions we take based on that problematic attitude.
This problematic attitude and resulting action we take can be a real hindrance to our success, leading to a short-circuting of our recruiting efforts, stifling our lead generation, and for many, no cashflow at all! The way we MLMers traditionally do business is that we find an opportunity that really makes sense to us, we get "bright eyed and bushy tailed" with excitement, and we hyper-focus on trying to get others to join our opportunity, becoming somewhat selfish in the process, slightly losing sight of what's truly in the best interest of those we're marketing to! This is that problematic attitude (This is not to say that we don't believe that what we have to offer is truly in our 'prospect's' best interest, but that even though we do believe it is, that message doesn't come through in our efforts when we're only focused on our own opportunities).
This problem has caused many people to give up.
Consequently, when they do give up, they resign themselves to working a job they don't like with pay that sucks, horrible hours, and some having to ask that embarrassing question, "would you like fries with that?" In the next paragraph, I will outline a very simple, yet extremely powerful paradigm shift and action plan that I believe will be a complete, total game-changer.
Sure-fire success is ours for the taking, read on to learn how.
I'm sure that we're all well aware of the fact that success doesn't happen in a vacuĆ¼m, apart from other people.
Wal-Mart would be nowhere without it's customer base and employees, the Beatles would have just been a group of friends instead of a mega-successful band without their fanbase, and the rich business man would be a pauper without his customers or associates or "connections".
It truly is "who we know" as much as it is "what we know".
So, we all need each other.
So how can each one of us here help each other to get what we want? Zig Ziglar said, "We can get what we want by helping others to get what they want.
" The answer is a simple paradigm shift and action plan that would: 1) Cause ALL of us to unite, "arm-in-arm" as it were, 2) ensure that NONE of us would fail, 3) change the face of MLM FOREVER, 4) enable us to live the lifestyle we want, and 5) make all of us extremely happy as we all ride the resulting gigantic "mega-tsunami" of prosperity that we're here for.
The paradigm shift is being focused on the prosperity of others' businesses/opportunities, as much as our own(helping others get what they want).
So what's the action plan? That comes in 2 parts: 1) We each find others in this group who are marketing something completely different from what we're marketing, and market it for them here in this group, and 2) sign up for a few of those opportunities(such as we can afford)! For example, I'm involved in OneX, so I might choose someone's opportunity from Empower Network, Stiforp or the like, market one or more of those for 'em, and sign up for a few of them as I could afford.
We all know the "Golden Rule", do for others what you want others to do for you.
At the present, this community has 6,535 members.
Could you imagine what would happen for everyone here if ALL of us got in on this? Prosperity would be unavoidable, it would hunt us down and take us captive with no escape! ALL of us would win, NONE of us would lose or get left behind! Come see more at- http://www.

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