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Export License Information


    • In general, the amount of export transactions requiring a government license is small. Export products regulated are those which may impact public health, issues of national security and controlled substance laws, such as food, pharmaceuticals and firearms. It is the exporter's responsibility to do all research concerning the purchaser's intended end-use of the product exported. Products considered "dual-use" are heavily regulated, as they may have both commercial and military uses or implications. Many computer-related products fall into this category.


    • To determine whether or not a license is needed to export your product, consider whether or not the product is regulated within the US. The government's licensing process examines the following criteria: product characteristics, the item's destination and the intended end-use of the product. You then have to apply with the appropriate agency, which will deny or grant a license. Starting points for the license process are and the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security.

    Other Considerations

    • According to the federal government's export information website,, there are certain particulars to know about when conducting export business. An exporter must have knowledge of the importing laws of the country where they are doing business. Legal issues are common and you should be aware of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as well as boycott situations and anti-dumping practices.

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