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Fish Need an Appropriate Environment at Aquariums

If are considering about keeping pet fish at your home, there are a few things you should plan in advance.
You may be thinking of buying an aquarium by visiting the nearby pet shop, purchasing some accessories in addition, buy fish and start fish keeping.
Well, this is not the way.
Depending on the type of fish you plan to keep, you should create appropriate habitat at your aquarium.
If you want to keep different varieties of fish in the same aquarium, you can do that.
However, you should make an on-line research and speak to the nearest pet shop owner about it.
There are some varieties of fish which are aggressive by nature.
They may hurt the other fish.
Naturally, they cannot live happily with others.
So you have to make a careful selection.
Let us consider habitat for three popular species - Ciclids, Tetra and Livebearers and the third one is Tiger barbs and zebra danios.
Cichlids are the species which are famous for staying peacefully with others.
So you can either have different types of cichlids in the same aquarium or you can have some other varieties with which the cichlids can live peacefully.
For cichlids, you can mix all African type of cichlids in the same tank.
You can also mix South American type of cichlids in one tank.
However, never make the mistake of mixing African type of cichlids with South American varieties.
If you do that, there will be fights for territories.
If you are thinking about African cichlids, you should provide enough space for them to hide.
This variety of fish love to have plenty of hiding places.
These places can be provided with the help of plants, rocks and artificial decorations.
Fortunately, all the African cichlids are happy for the ph level of about 8.
For South American cichlids to the contrary, they will require be enough space to swim around.
They grow big in size and accordingly their requirements for food and water are greater.
Some of the examples of South American cichlids are severums and Oscars.
As they grow large, the capacity of the tank should be much bigger than the normal tanks.
Usually, you should provide about 30 gallons of water per fish.
You can keep Tetra or Livebearers in comparatively smaller tanks.
You can provide about 10 gallons of water per fish.
The ph level for Livebearers can be around 7 while Tetras can be comfortable with the level of 6-6.
5 For both these types, you have to provide a lot of plants in the tank because the fish will be happy to swim around them.
You should also provide some artificial decorations which the fish can enjoy.
Then there is a third variety of fish requiring huge tanks.
Tiger barbs and zebra danios will require very large space.
This variety of fish would swim very fast.
So it is better to keep them in a big pond in your garden.
When you are enthusiastic about setting up an aquarium at your place, you should remember that once you buy an aquarium, you cannot change it.
So first decide on the fish you would like to keep, then make a research about the conditions required for such fish and then shop around.

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