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Different Cichlid Types You Should Know

There is no question that cichlids are fast becoming one of the most popular pet fishes.
This is just understandable given the lovable characteristics of cichlids.
If you want to follow the trend, you better acquaint yourself to the different cichlid types.
The ones below can be considered as the most popular types of cichlids.
Check to see if one of them is the one that you would like to have on your own.
• Discus fish The Discus fish is a common choice because they are very sociable.
You see, most cichlid breeds are aggressive and dominant so they are usually hard to incorporate with other fishes.
Although discus fishes live in large groups, they are really very fond of schooling.
The best tip when taking care of discus fish is to ensure that you get at least three of them.
Their fish personality dictates that they be part of a group.
Having two or only one cichlid in an aquarium would only make the discus fish sad and lonely.
• Angelfish Cichlid You probably know it as angelfish but this type is very much a part of the cichlid breed.
What you should understand is that Angelfish Cichlid is the more obvious choice for people who want fish pets that are relaxed.
They are not too aggressive that most people fall in love with their natural grace.
Angelfish Cichlids are also very elegant.
• Convict Cichlid These types of cichlids are the most appealing to beginning cichlid owners.
You see, Convict Cichlids are very much easy to keep.
They also require low maintenance duties.
The only downside is that you need to put on effort in decorating its new home.
As much as possible, your tank must be very similar to its natural habitat-rocky with caves and substrate.
Convict cichlids often burrow themselves so make sure you give them enough space to play around.
• Dwarf Cichlid The Dwarf Cichlid is probably one of the most challenging to keep.
However, most breeders prefer them over other cichlid types because they are less aggressive than some of its relatives like the Bolivian cichlids.
They are also easy to mix with other fishes as long as they are compatible with each other.
Although quite active, dwarf cichlids are very popular among breeders and cichlids enthusiasts.
• Jack Dempsey Jack Dempsey is obviously named after the well-known boxer.
They are loved because of their colors.
They usually have greenish pecks in their tan bodies while they are young.
They turn to purple gray when they get more mature.
Their green specks usually turn to gold during these times.
• Oscar Fish The Oscar fish is one of the toughest varieties.
Their best feature is that they can stand almost any kind of water types.
They also grow beyond 18 inches.
They also have wide food choices including live food, flakes and pellets.
It is easy to know if you aren't feeding Oscar fishes enough.
Their colors wouldn't be that bright if they are unhealthy.
So, it's the sign to watch out for.
Knowing these cichlid types can really help you jumpstart your hobby as a cichlid collector.

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