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How to Install Exterior Pot Lights

    • 1). Choose a location where you'll install your exterior pot lights and mark the places approximately with a pencil. Decide on the number of lights you want and their disposition. Use home design magazines and websites to check how are exterior pot lights are supposed to enhance the look of your house.

    • 2). Switch the power off while you are working on the exterior pot light installment.

    • 3). Draw the exact outline for the pot lights on the ceiling. Use a measuring tape and a pencil to make the final outlines and disposition.

    • 4). Cut the holes for the exterior pot lights using a drywall saw and following the outlines. Usually the manufacturer provides a template you can use for the cutting. That way you will not make a mistake by cutting a bigger hole than needed. If you have ceiling tiles, remove them completely and cut them on a level working surface.

    • 5). Prepare the electrical wires for the pot lights' electrical box. Run the existing wiring from the house to the ceiling. Cut an inch of the insulation layer from the wires. Use wire cutters and trim the insulation to get a fresh start.

    • 6). Connect the wires from the house to the wires from the pot lights' electrical box. Remember to attach only the same color wires together and to twist them securely and firmly. Note that if individual pot lights are not connected to the box, you should follow the instruction manual for that specific light model.

    • 7). Install the electrical box and the exterior pot light fixtures. The box will rest on the ceiling from the inside and the pot lights will fit into their holes.

    • 8). Install a wall switch for your new exterior lighting. Run the wires from the switch to the electrical box of the pot lights.

    • 9). Click the little clips inside the pot light fixtures to secure them into their place. Install the bulbs in the pot light fixtures by twisting them into place.

    • 10

      Turn on the power to check if your new exterior pot lights are working properly.

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