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Caring For Roses That Have a Disease

If you've done any gardening at all, and we're talking about rose gardening here, then you might wonder why you go through all that trouble.
I mean, with the freezing cold weather beating down on them all winter long and then the summer heat and nearly drought conditions, it's sometimes a wonder that most folks just don't say forget it.
But, then the spring comes and there it is...
the reason why right there all over again.
New life comes back, your pride is revived, your roses are alive and streaming with that rich rose color, and your neighbors look at them as they drive by.
Now you remember why you do this.
Caring for roses is much more than planting, cultivating the ground around them, pruning a bit here and a bit there.
It's also looking out for the many disease possibilities than flowers and especially roses are prone to getting.
The care for these precious flowers is not only the simple stuff but is also the stuff you can't always see so easily...
such as diseases.
The following is a small list of the most common forms of diseases that roses are prone to getting.
Read these and become informed and become the defense mechanism for your roses.
  • Rose Gardening Fungus - This is a white, powdery mildew that is deposited on the top and the bottom of leaves and stems.
    It corrodes the growth of the plant and ultimately kills the flowers and stems.
  • Rose Garden Rust - This is an orange powder which appears on the underside of leaves and has the same detrimental effects as rose gardening fungus.
  • Rose Garden Black Spots - As the name suggests, these appear as tiny black spots on the leaves and the stems of your rose plants.
    If you ignore these, they just might destroy your rose garden in no time at all.
  • Rose Mosaic Disease - This appears like an intricate yellow-green mosaic pattern and is amongst the most deadly rose viruses that can affect your plants.
    Apparently, there is no viable treatment for this disease.
  • In your experience as a rose gardener, I'm sure by now that you are aware of the joy and satisfaction that growing and caring for roses can bring.
    But I'm certain that the emotions about this flower evokes are not contained within you only but most likely within others who don't bother with growing them.
    But you know that in spite of the pitfalls of growing these flowers, the effort is worth it all.
    Even when you discover these rose diseases, you don't panic.
    You just find the solution to eliminating the disease as quickly as possible and go on.
    Roses are strong and with a little bit of help they bring a lot of satisfaction for along time to come.
    Just remember, the first step is to know the problems.
    If you become are aware of the possible issues then you can take the necessary preventive steps to solve the problems.
    So take heart, read more articles like this one, and your rose garden will never face any pitfalls.

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