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SAP Development : How to Reduce Development Efforts

SAP reporting is very important in the business world since most business decisions are based on reports. There are several ways through which you could reduce development efforts when doing SAP development. SAP report development could be accelerated using ABAP add-ons such as the Hovitaga Report Generator. The main feature of this product is automatic generation of ABAP code, eliminating the need for doing manual programming. It can create from 200 to 1000+ lines of ABAP code, depending on the complexity of the SAP report being generated. This is all possible in a few minutes.

This is important because the generation of custom business reports takes a lot of time and effort. The Report Generator will save you several working hours and help you cut SAP IT costs in that you will pay less to the ABAP developers and the SAP consultants. They will be able to create reports in a timely manner.

The Hovitaga Report Generator will guide you through the process of report creation. All that you need to do when generating a new report is to build an OpenSQL query. This is possible because the software is based on the Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor, a feature-packed SQL editor for SAP. Development effort and time will be further reduced because it allows quick testing of OpenSQL queries. You can execute a query and see the result instantly. When you are ready, you can use the OpenSQL query as a basis to generate an ABAP report. This leads to the automatic generation of the source code (data and type declarations, selection screen definition, ALV display coding, and frame of the event handler methods). You can assign a transaction code to the report and save all the new objects to a specified package, and assign them to a transport request.

You can choose between several support levels for the Hovitaga Report Generator, or you can completely skip this option. The installation process is straight forward and requires only the import of the transport files. The software is implemented entirely in ABAP, that means it is transparent (there is no black-box development) and there is no interface or platform-dependency needed to be integrated into your SAP system. User friendly interface and detailed documentation ensure the comfortable use of the software from the very first moment.

You can try the free demo versions available for download from the Hovitaga webpage.

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